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Deafen Your SmartHome Device

By Patrick | February 5, 2019

Did you succumb to the social pressure and get a smart home device like an Amazon Echo or Google Home? However, you’re a smart, privacy conscious consumer who still wants to maintain some sort of control over the constant audio surveillance these devices require? Check out this new project, Project Alias:

Speakers are placed over the mic array of the smart speaker and connected to the Raspberry Pi. The Pi then plays a mix of human speech and noises at a volume too low for us to hear, but loud enough to keep the likes of Alexa deafened.

The Pi has ears of its own in the form of a couple of microphones on an inexpensive daughterboard, and is trained by the user via a simple smartphone app to accept whatever activation phrase is needed. When the Pi “hears” the user’s preferred phrase, it triggers Alexa or Google Home itself and then allows the user’s instructions to make it to the spy cylinder’s ears.

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