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The Rebirth

By Patrick | January 24, 2019

Today is January 24th, 2019. It’s been almost a decade since I last posted anything, much less updated my most popular post from 2007: Anonymous Credit/Debit Cards.

Since the writing of my original posts, quite a bit has changed in the world. Data breaches occur seemingly everyday, concern over use of digital data by third parties, doxxing of innocent individuals that become targets of main stream media outrage induced mobs. As I read back through my previous posts about FaceBook, Biometrics, data breaches, etc., I experience a number of emotions. I cringe at some of my thoughts and writing skills, their silliness or simplistic views, but at other moments I realize how dead on I was, almost a fortune teller. At the time of my original posts I was much younger, more idealistic, less realistic, perhaps even more naive, but nonetheless, there was a great deal of foreshadowing.

Some of you did ask via email and other channels, where did I go? What was I doing? Why was I not updating the blog? The short answer – I was doing life. The real world was calling with job demands, social demands, and generally just time demands. Plus, I think I started to develop apathy towards the fight for privacy. I got lazy. I thought either it was too hard or it wasn’t important or perhaps it was a lost cause? And you know what? I was wrong. My tagline was as true then as it surely is now, we *are* fighting a battle to keep our privacy. Who are we fighting against? Advertisers, data brokers, retailers, the government, nation states, personal enemies just trying to doxx you. The list goes on.

Over the last ten years I have grown in my wisdom, understanding and experience of how to live a more private life. It’s not easy and it’s not perfect. Every topic discussed won’t apply to everyone. Everyone will have a different risk matrix, threat landscape, risk profile, or whatever else you want to call it. Maybe privacy is a concern because of a previous relationship that wasn’t healthy. Maybe you are a high profile individual who might quickly become a target of various privacy invasions. Maybe you are a regular citizen who wants to have as small of a digital and physical footprint as possible. Whatever your reasons, my goal is to help others discover options for their specific use case that leads to a more private, discreet, safe life.

Stay safe, stay vigilant.

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