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PassPub – Random Password Generator

By Patrick | July 10, 2007

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Almost a month ago I received an email from Martin Wright, creator of PassPub. He was telling me a little bit about his new web based SSL password generator. I promised him I would take a look. Well Martin, sorry for the delay, but I’m finally getting around to checking out PassPub.

PassPub is a cool little website that allows you to generate all kinds of unique passwords. I do some private consulting and sometimes I need to come up with a new, unique password. Whether it’s a new WPA key or a router password I need, PassPub is extremely helpful for these types of situations.

PassPub offers predefined templates for creating passwords. It can create a random 6, 8, 10 or 12 character password. It can also create 64 and 128 bit WEP keys, as well as 256-bit WPA keys all with a single click.

For those times when you need a memorable, but still hard to guess password, there is a section entitled “Memorable Passwords” with a few cool choices. My favorite option from this section is the “Mnemonic” generator. This option creates an easy to read password, with alternate vowels and consonants and an appended 3 digit suffix. I like this one because usually it’s a lot easier for me to read and therefore easier to remember, but still hard to guess. I generally use Mnemonic when changing my login password for my PC, especially since I do that every 45 days. The Memorable Passwords section also offers password generators using keyboard combinations as well as chemical elements symbols that can be extremely useful as well.

As a personal example, when I’m configuring a new router or firewall password, this is when I use the standard 10 or 12 character password generator. I use this option because I want a very hard to guess, random password. Plus, I won’t be typing it in often, so I can afford to have one that’s not easy to remember.

Now many of you are probably asking why would I waste my time going to this website when I can just come up with some random letters and numerics on my own? This was the same reaction I first had when I looked at Martin’s product. However, I always try to commit to using a new program or application for a couple weeks before I totally disregard it, and I have to say that PassPub has come in very handy. You may find it’s not a great tool for your arsenal, but others might. I do know you need to check it out and decide for yourself. Thanks for a cool new tool Martin!

PassPub – Strong Passwords, Uniquely Generated

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