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Direct Login Feature in Clipperz

By Patrick | June 28, 2007

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One really awesome feature I did not cover in my previous review of the Online Password Manager, Clipperz, was their Direct Login feature. This is a feature that allows you to configure Clipperz to automatically log you in to various websites with a single click.

When I first signed up for Clipperz I did not use this feature at all. However, upon Marco’s suggestion that I should really try them out, I decided I would take a look. The first account I configured for Direct Login was one of my bank accounts. It was extremely easy to configure in Clipperz and within a couple minutes I had one-click login access to my bank account. I’m VERY sold on Direct Logins. I immediately started adding any other accounts that I could. Be forewarned, Direct Logins do not work for every site. I had a couple they would not work for, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

Clipperz definitely has a one up over PassPack in this area. Everyone knows I’m a PassPack evangelist because of it’s lightweight feel and it’s blazing speed. However, I also love Clipperz for it’s multi-field cards that can store custom data, not just usernames and passwords.

The solution to this multi-password-manager dilemma? I have accounts at both places. And to be honest, it will remain that way for as long as Clipperz is the only one with Direct Login.

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