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a.K.a Card Update

By Patrick | June 28, 2007

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I received a letter in the mail from the bank that issues the a.K.a Card requesting more information from me. They asked me for a copy of my driver’s license, a W-2 from last year showing my gross income, and then an employment history. When I first received I was a bit taken aback. This seemed like a lot of information to be giving up for an anonymous card, but I had to remember the bank has to know who I am. And from my earlier post there are two main roads you can go down in the privacy-aware lifestyle:

The latter of the two is what the a.K.a card accomplishes, while it’s not bullet proof for complete anonymity, since real addresses have to be used even on the alternate identity of the a.K.a Card. Plus the bank has a slew of information so that it can verify me and issue me a revolving credit card. This is NOT an anonymous credit/debit card like Vanilla Visa and others.

Either way, I’ll be filling this out and submitting the information this weekend. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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