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Ohio Government Admits Losing 225,000 SSN’s

By Patrick | June 21, 2007


Tell me again why I should trust the government with any of my sensitive data? Tell me why it is that so many people are in favor of a national ID card (AKA Real ID)?  When are people going to get it through their head that personally identifiable information is best left private with the individual; not with the government or some corporate entity.

This one quote from this particular article about a state government’s latest data loss kills me (emphasis added):

The tape was stolen June 10 out of the unlocked car of a 22-year-old intern who had been designated to take the backup device home as part of a standard security procedure.

What kind of screwed up security policy is that procedure a part of? Not surprisingly, the governor has suspended that procedure of taking home any dat-backup devices and is “mandating a review of how state data is handled.” Good call Gov.

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