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Clipperz Online Password Manager

By Patrick | June 13, 2007

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A couple months ago, I posted a brief review of PassPack, an Online Password Manager (OPM). When I posted the initial review of PassPack, I was aware of another similar, but different OPM by the name of Clipperz. Today I want to take the time to review Clipperz, some of it’s features and flaws.

First of all let me say that I will not be incorporating any screenshots into this post, so allow me to give you this link that has numerous screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Now, on to the review!

Upon first use, you obviously need to sign up. Clipperz makes registration a breeze. One thing I love immediately is that registration is anonymous. Their signup process asks for three things: a username, a passPHRASE and verification of the passphrase. That’s it. Just two pieces of information you have to remember. I capitalized phrase in passphrase intentionally a moment ago. That’s because your passphrase is the ONLY thing standing between no access and full access to your passwords. So a super strong passphrase is highly recommended.

One other thing that you might notice right off hand, and will definitely see throughout the Clipperz application, is a password strength meter. Whenever you are typing in a password or a passphrase, this strength meter is displayed beneath the text field in which you are typing. As your password becomes longer and more complex, the meter changes from bright red (least secure) to bright green (very secure). Most of us know what is and isn’t a good, strong password, however it’s a really cool feature to have and you’ll see why later.

Once you log in with your new account, you land on the “card view” screen. This is where you create your various cards that will hold passwords or information for various websites, companies, individuals, etc. Think of it as an online Rolodex per se. You might have cards for things like Gmail, Digg, MyBank, MyStockAccount, etc. When you click on “Add new card” you are given a number of predefined template cards to choose from. These templates consist of cards with certain fields already defined for you. Card templates for simple simple web password credentials, online banking information or even an address book entry card.

Now this is where Clipperz has a huge one up on PassPack. These cards have an unlimited number of “fields” that they can contain. And the predefined “template” cards can have any and all of their fields modified, added to, or even removed. Clipperz offers you full control and tons of flexibility on the type of information you can store in your cards. It’s virtually limitless on the number and type of data sets you can store.

Of the field definitions, the “password” type is one that will probably be most often used. When you store information in a password type field, the text is always displayed as stars. While great for that nosy coworker or curious boss, this is a problem. It’s a problem because there is no single click or otherwise convenient method to reveal the password that is behind the stars. Most password managers have a descramble or reveal button you can click to see the password in the clear. This is one of my biggest complaints of the application. Clipperz does allow you to click on the stars themselves which copies the field data (password) to the clipboard. This enables you to quickly paste the password into a waiting login prompt or webform. Still, I would love to see a one-click button that would change those stars into the clear text password when I needed to view a password quickly, and not necessarily copy it to the clipboard every time.

You remember how I said the password strength meter had another great use? Well, here’s where I give you a real life example. I have a number of clients I consult for at various times. Each client has their very own card in Clipperz. I store numerous passwords for each client in their respective cards. Passwords for their routers, firewalls, servers, etc. It would not be uncommon for me to have 10-15 password fields on one card. With the password strength meter, I can glance at a card for a client and get an overall idea how strong their passwords are for all their devices I have information for. It may seem small to some people, but it’s a feature I really appreciate.

My favorite feature of almost all real OPM’s (including Clipperz and PassPack) is the encryption and security aspect. All my information remains encrpyted safely on their servers and never passed in the clear. Encryption and decryption takes place on the client side in the browser, so even if the Clipperz servers were compromised, your data would be safe and useless to the perpetrators. Plus, there’s no worry if a Clipperz employee ever turns rogue and tries to walk off with all the sensitive information that is home to the Clipperz servers.

To wrap up, I like Clipperz. The interface isn’t as easy or simple as PassPack. But then again, you have a lot more flexibility and can do so much more in Clipperz than you can PassPack. I still give really big kudos to PassPack for having the unscramble button next to their password fields. Whichever OPM you choose, you Clipperz is definitely an option worth investigating.

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  3. Deobeso72 Says:
    June 5th, 2008 at 10:54 am

    Clipperz added the unscramble button since you posted this review. I really love this app!

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    November 27th, 2008 at 11:39 am

    Shibbo is a good alternative as an online password manager. It also has a portable version to install on a pendrive.

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    May 4th, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    So, what do you think about comparing Clipperz vs. Mitto?


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