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Washington First State to Adopt RFID Licenses

By Patrick | March 28, 2007

I must say that I was not expecting a state to support and endorse an RFID driver’s license so quickly, but Washington state seems to have done it. The ink isn’t even dry yet on the REAL ID Draft Regulations and already we have a state passing legislation to offer an RFID driver’s licenses.

Proponents of this new legislation will be quick to remind privacy advocates and the other “paranoid” that this is strictly voluntary. The question must be asked though, for how long will this remain voluntary? Especially when DHS is strongly supporting this and even offering a bonus to the state for it’s early adoption of the REAL ID program.

From the article:

“The agreement allows state residents to apply for the $40 voluntary driver’s license, which will be loaded with proof of citizenship and other information, beginning January 2008.

Other information? I don’t like the sound of that. I hope anyone who is signing up for this new license will find just exactly what “other” information the state is putting out there for everyone to see. My main concern with RFID is the obvious inherent security weaknesses of this technology. For logistics and inventory management at retail chains like Wal-Mart, it may be a great solution. However, from a privacy perspective, it’s a nightmare. And Chertoff is just plain wrong when he says that the REAL ID program will deter identity theft and proliferates privacy protection.

For an even better writeup, as usual, check out Homeland Stupidity’s posting about Washington’s new licenses.

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