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Spying Too Secret For Court

By Patrick | March 14, 2007

If you have not been following the AT&T’s latest argument as to why the case should be thrown out and swept under the carpet.  AT&T claims the case should be thrown out as they have no way to defend themselves without endangering national security.  Of course the Federal government has simultaneously filed a suit backing AT&T’s claims and “said a lower court judge had exceeded his authority by not dismissing the suit outright.”

AT&T is also claiming they were named as a defendant in this case as a mere “guess” of the lower courts.  They claim that the court’s were only operating under the “unfounded and inexpert speculation that content surveillance requires the cooperation of a telecommunications provider.”

Uh, DUH! Of course content surveillance by ANY agency is going to require cooperation from a telecom provider!  How else are they supposed to get data and transmissions redirected to government taps and recorders?

As stated in the article from 27b Stroke 6, the EFF will most likely respond by the end of this month stating that it is a known fact (admitted by Congressional officials) that some of the nation’s largest telecom providers did turn over databases to the government.

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